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Building a Reputation – It’s All About Your Brand Image

Building a business requires you to juggle many roles. You have to raise the capital, employ the right people, make connections, and gather leads. You also have to protect your reputation.

Reputation management is not easy and so you need experts. There are many reputation management companies in Los Angeles and you’ll find them listed here on Credibase. Take a pick carefully because your brand image depends on them.

Business owners cannot ignore their online footprint. Our world is now driven by a search engine. People are obsessed with the idea of searching. Before they buy something, they get online to find out more about the product and the company. Remember that when someone searches your business online, what they find can have a huge impact on your bottomline.

A Moz research has shown that businesses that have negative comments about them in the first page of SERPs risk losing 22 percent of their business. Two negative stories may result in the loss of 44 percent of business.

Why should anyone need help with managing their online reputation?

The internet has revolutionized our lives. It has transformed the way we do business and has given a voice to the public. This can be good as well as bad. Thanks to the internet, someone sitting in a remote corner of the world can now post stuff that will do irreparable damage to your business. When anyone can post anything about your business, you need the help of reputation management companies in New York City to protect your brand. Good online reputation also creates numerous opportunities. If you aren’t taking the right measures to manage your online reputation, you are doing your business a serious disservice.
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Reputation management and social media

You are not the only person spreading your company’s marketing message these days. Thanks to the advent of social media, power has shifted to the hands of your consumers. Today, they can make or break your brand with their likes, comments, and reviews. Earlier, companies crafted their marketing messages carefully and promoted them through traditional advertising channels like newspapers, television, radio, and billboards. Today, that power rests with your consumers. This has made reputation management difficult for brands.

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Manage your reputation online

Awareness is the key. In order to manage your reputation online, you should first understand what people are saying about your brand. You have to identify and monitor the keywords related to your products, company, and brand. Unless you monitor conversations takings place on the internet, you cannot manage your online reputation.

The Transparency Risk

It’s important to be transparent. This is one of the new business commandments. Of course, companies that open up to feedback and criticism enjoy better goodwill than companies that become defensive as soon as someone says something negative about them.

Being transparent can mean the following:

Allowing your employees to publicly talk about your products/services
Asking for feedback
Accepting criticism and taking proactive measures to deal with it
Building a one-on-one communication channel
Being transparent is definitely risky but in the long run, not being transparent will be riskier.
React quickly but politely

If someone posts a complaint on Twitter, respond promptly even if you don’t have a solution. Let the complainant know that you are working on it. If you wait for a complete picture to emerge, you will do more damage than good.

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Think of Google page 1 as your business card

When someone searches your brand name online, what are the results shown by Google? If the search results associate the words ‘spam’ or ‘rip-off’ with your company, your reputation will take a severe beating.
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Traditional PR vs. Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is an important part of your PR. Public relations is all about managing your reputation. You don’t want your consumers to be exposed to negative comments about your brand. Online reputation management will take care of what people see when they search your brand name online. Since search engines are the number one source of information for most people, ensuring that negative feedback and criticism do not make it to the first page of Google is indeed an integral part of PR.

The Bottom Line

Negative comments, articles, forum posts and web pages can all hurt your business. You can either manage your reputation or let your business and sales suffer. Online reputation management companies in the USA will ensure that potential customers are not exposed to anything negative about your brand.