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An exhibition of new paintings by artists from Higher Ground Studio
Mark Alsweiler
Max Berry
Neil Tomkins
Thomas Jackson
Tom Ferson

On the occasion of the exhibition, Higher Ground Studio will be releasing a limited edition book. Featuring photographs by Tony Kenny and the artists themselves, this self-published 84 page book is a detailed pictorial documentation of life in the studio, the artist’s varied processes and the different workspaces within the studio.
The edition of 100 perfect bound books will be hand signed and numbered by all the artists in the studio.Art is a process that is most powerful when it’s in co-operation with other artists. Nurturing, support and critical feedback is essential not only on an individual level, but in the formation and evolution of any art movement.

My association with the movement that Sydney has experienced in the last 10 years began with a series of conversations between Numskull, Beastman and myself in around 2005. It was apparent then that there was clearly something missing in Sydney art, and that thing was direction and community for a group of passionate artists involved in an exploding new form of urban expression. Working together on varied and exciting projects, we came together as like-minds, whose practices whilst varied, shared the same ultimate goal: the formation of an art community.

Higher Ground is in many ways the culmination of those conversations we had in 2005 about what was lacking in Sydney and where someday things could end up. Having worked with all of the artists in the studio in some way or another, I have experienced the vibrancy, relevance and ongoing contribution they are making to the Australian and international scene. Since its inception in 2010, this group of mostly self-taught artists, at different ages and in different stages of their careers, have established a new platform for the continuation of their individual and collective artistic beliefs.

In a world of social, political and creative chaos, it’s difficult to find a place to come up for air – luckily these artists have collaboratively found their own Higher Ground.

– Ben Frost

Supported by:

The Opening Hours
Water For Water