5 Things You Need To Know About Labiaplasty Surgery in Arizona

5 Things You Need To Know About Labiaplasty Surgery in Arizona

unnamed (2)Plastic surgery that is performed in the vaginal area is increasing in popularity. Women turn to these procedures for a host of reasons. Some may be seeking relief from genital pain, while others may have cosmetic concerns about the look of their vagina. Some others may be hoping to enhance their sexual satisfaction. Today we’re discussing one of the most popular of these procedures – labiaplasty surgery in Arizona.

Labiaplasty surgery is used to trim and shape the vagina’s inner lips, outer lips or both. The inner lips are the flaps of skin that cover the clitoris and vagina. The outer lips are the parts of the labia on the outside of the body. They may be elongated or asymmetrical as a result of sexual intercourse, childbirth, genetics or the aging process.

1. There are many reasons someone might be a candidate for labiaplasty. For some women, the inner lips are so large that they have trouble inserting a tampon or they experience inflammation, painful sex or chafing. Those can be strong signs that you’re a good candidate for labiaplasty surgery in Arizona.

Another good indication is if a woman is psychologically distraught by the appearance of her labia, and that distress is not due to another psychological issue, such as body image issues they might have in general. A lot of women who come in to have the procedure are struggling with these image issues. Also, sometimes there are women who have one labia that is enlarged and the other one isn’t, which could be a sign that they need the treatment if it’s problematic. 

2. The procedure is quite complex but also relatively quick.  There is more than one way to perform labiaplasty surgery in Arizona, but it usually takes place in a same-day surgical unit under anesthesia. The patient then recovers for a few hours before they are sent home.

Depending on the patient’s individual needs, there are many different types of procedures used to reduce the size of the labia, or make it more symmetrical or flush with the vagina. That could include taking a wedge out of the labia surgically or removing the part that looks excessive. The procedure can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how detailed it is or if you have to do both sides of the labia. 

3. The recovery process is quite intense and involved. Some patients underestimate the recuperation time following labiaplasty surgery in Arizona. In some instances, dissolvable sutures are used during surgery so nothing has to be removed. At times, it is recommended that patients take a sitz bath during which a small plastic tub is placed over the toilet with warm water and Epsom salts so the patient can soak their bottom.

They can then use a hair dryer to dry the area with cool air, so moisture doesn’t remain there and also to lower the chance of infection. Patients are typically instructed to complete this routine two or three times a day for at least a week or two and wear a tight garment so nothing gets chafed during the day and then a loose garment at night. Along with antibiotics, patients should schedule one or two follow-up visits to make sure the area is healing well. 

4. It’s not typically covered by insurance. If the patient has a congenital condition – such as vulvitis or pain during sex – that truly needs to be fixed, sometimes it will be covered by insurance. But if it’s purely for cosmetic purposes, they typically will not cover it and you’ll have to pay out of pocket.

If you would like to determine if you are a candidate for labiaplasty surgery in Arizona – for medical or cosmetic reasons – call our office today to schedule a consultation and let’s talk about your options!

Building a Reputation – It’s All About Your Brand Image

Building a Reputation – It’s All About Your Brand Image

Building a business requires you to juggle many roles. You have to raise the capital, employ the right people, make connections, and gather leads. You also have to protect your reputation.

Reputation management is not easy and so you need experts. There are many reputation management companies in Los Angeles and you’ll find them listed here on Credibase. Take a pick carefully because your brand image depends on them. Read more

Which is the Right Trenchless Technology For Your Pipes in Houston , TX?

Which is the Right Trenchless Technology For Your Pipes in Houston , TX?

Trenchless TechnologyThere is no denying the fact that trenchless pipe repair technologies are the best solution to various plumbing problems. With trenchless technology, there is no need to damage buildings or dig up the landscape. Trenchless sewer technologies are also efficient and cost effective. When the pipes in your Houston home or business premises develop problems, you need to choose the right kind of technology. This is not the time for guess work and therefore a little bit of knowledge about the two main trenchless pipe repair technologies: pipe bursting and pipe lining is helpful.

Below you will learn how each technology works.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting uses special equipment to burst through the existing pipes, expand the surrounding soil then draw replacement pipes into place. The process can handle piping of any diameter.

The large size of pipe bursting equipment requires digging a small pit for insertion. This may therefore mean that the operation is not totally trenchless. The resulting percussion forces from the bursting pipe cause ground movement and this can affect the nearby structures. Because of this, pipe bursting poses more risks in rocky and sandy soils. The plumbers you work with must therefore study the site thoroughly to ascertain if this is the most appropriate solution. The plumbing contractors must also adhere to a very high degree of mechanical precision when using this trenchless pipe repair technology.

Pipe lining

Pipe lining is also called cured-in-place piping (CIPP). It is a technique that involves fabrication of the materials on the site followed by running of resin-coated lines through the damaged water or sewer pipes. The liners cure the pipes in place creating a strong bond to the material of the existing pipe. The success of pipe lining does not depend on the surrounding soil conditions and does not cause dangerous ground movements.

This trenchless repair technology works with any form of lining including PVC, cast iron drains and clay pipes. It takes about two days to complete a repair project using this technology.

Choosing the right technology

To choose between these two trenchless pipe repair technologies requires an assessment of the problem. During the assessment, the plumber will ascertain the depth of the pipe, the extent of the damage as well as the location of the pipe on your property. The current condition of the pipe can be assessed by camera inspection by an experienced pipe specialist.

Choosing a Contractor

Now that you have an idea how to repair pipes in your home or business premises in Houston, it is important to conclude our discussion with what you should consider when hiring a plumbing contractor. This is because; the right contractor will ensure the job is done perfectly. The most important factors to consider include expertise, experience and professionalism. Working with an expert plumber who specializes in trenchless pipe repair technologies is very important.

Bottom Line

Trenchless pipe repair technology has many advantages compared to the traditional pipe repair techniques that were destructive and costly to say the least. Choosing the right trenchless repair technology and the right plumber in Houston, Tx is the only guarantee to quality work.

How to Diagnose Sewer Line Problems with a Camera Inspection in Kissimmee, FL?

How to Diagnose Sewer Line Problems with a Camera Inspection in Kissimmee, FL?

Camera InspectionWhen you have sewer line problems, it might seem like a simple enough job to do what the pros do – stick a camera on a snake and find out what the problem might be. However, doing this is actually very complicated.

Sewers are not only wet, requiring a waterproof camera, not simply a water-resistant one, and long, requiring wireless video feeds, but they are also dark, requiring powerful lights, and underground, which means without a wireless connection, your efforts are for naught. Besides all of those drawbacks, sewers are full of dirty, filthy, contaminated ‘things’ that will not only bring out your squeamish side, but can also make you deathly ill if you do not know exactly what you are doing.

Diagnosing a sewer line blockage is better left to experts with extensive experience. Besides, they already have the tools needed and will leave your camera squeaky clean. Also, there are benefits to having a camera inspection done on your sewer lines, even if you have no problems with your sewer system.

Drains are Clogged with Grease, Hair, Food, or even Small (nonFlushable) Toys

Drains that move too slowly signal clogged pipes. If these pipes remain unrepaired, the clog will only become worse, hardening and likely growing in length as solids accumulate more and more on the side nearest the house, as water drains slowly away.

Cameras can detect exactly where clogs are located at and at the same time, the plumber can cut through, destroying the clogs and clearing out that area of your sewer line. Then the plumber can continue searching for anything else that might be wrong.

Your Yard is Different

Dramatic changes in your yard in a small area or in a linear shape can spell sewer problems. Extra-lush grass, mushy soil, or a persistent stench can all point toward a collapsed sewer line. Instead of going to the expense and hardship of digging things up to see what is going on, camera inspections can be faster, easier, and much less expensive to conduct.

While cameras cannot penetrate where broken lines have completely fallen through, many times they can detect exactly where the breaks begin. This is good because changes in your yard might not show exactly where the collapse is located. Viewing from both ends, starting at your home and also from the street can help determine the length of pipe involved in the collapse.

You Want to Sell Your Home

Selling your home is an act in convincing someone else that your home is perfect for them. This includes showing them that your home will be as problem-free for them, or more so, as the next home they view. Seeing the interior of a sewer system may not seem like the high point of any home sale, but it can become very important to serious buyers who want to protect their investment before closing day.

This is where camera inspections of your sewer pipe can help you sell your home more easily. Camera inspections do not focus on the exterior of the pipe, but instead show you the interior, where it counts the most.

Camera inspections are never a do-it-yourself chore, unless you happen to be qualified and have the right tools on hand. Camera inspections provide a look inside drains and sewer lines that otherwise remains hidden. Knowing exactly where problems exist and of what nature can help make decisions on the best route to take.

Which Type of Orthodontic Braces Are Right for You?

Which Type of Orthodontic Braces Are Right for You?

Orthodontic BracesIf you have or are developing crooked teeth, you know that there are many concerns that go along with the situation. Misaligned teeth can often be unattractive and can also cause many oral health problems down the road.

When your teeth are not in proper alignment it can result in uneven wear patterns that make it difficult to clean your teeth, and even cause tension or headaches. If you are ready to look into getting orthodontic braces to help correct your smile, here is a list of a few options for braces that are available to you.

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How Do I Find a Basement Water Heater Leak Behind a Finished Wall in Bakersfield?

Water Heater Leak RepairYou are living in the Bakersfield area and there seems to be a leak coming from the water heater in your basement. The problem is that the water heater is behind a finished wall which makes doing the repairs yourself more difficult. You ask yourself is this a fix it yourself situation or one where you will need to call a professional plumber and construction contractor? Read more