Warning Signs of a Main Sewer Drain Clog in Malden, MA

Professional Drain CleaningYou do your best to keep your bathroom and kitchen drains clean, but clogs will still strike anywhere inside your plumbing, which includes your main sewer line. These hidden clogs are usually hard to detect obstructions that pose an added threat to your home because they can impact multiple appliances or even different rooms of your house.

Fortunately, experienced plumbers should have little trouble locating clogs using modern video imaging technologies. The key to dealing with main sewer drain clogs before they become a serious problem is to know when you have one and get a sewer repair professional into your home as soon as possible.

Here are the common signs that you have a main sewer drain clog in Malden, MA.

Water Backed Up in Interior Drains

One of the most noticeable symptoms of blocked sewer lines is problems with one or more interior fixtures. This problem typically manifests itself as backed up water in your drains. You will notice water is backing up in unusual places as you use the plumbing in your house. As an example, you may have back-flow appear in the shower when your toilet is flushed. This occurs when the water that should normally drain away does not have a clear exit route from your home and must find another place to flow. Homeowners that have clogged sewer lines will often notice that they have back-flow in their showers or sinks when they use their washing machines or dishwashers.

Drainage at the Sewer Clean-Out

Sewer lines will have what is known as a ‘clean-out’. This pipe allows plumbers better access to your sewer line and will enable overflow made of wastewater. The clean-out will usually involve a white or black pipe somewhere near the house yet out of sight. Most clean-out pipes will sit in a patch of bush so that they do not create an eyesore. If you think you have a sewer line problem, find the clean-out pipe and look for drainage. If there is water flowing from your clean-out pipe or pooling near it, then there is an obstruction in the main line.

Overgrown Trees

Beside a foreign object flushed down your toilet, tree roots are the most common obstruction in your sewer line. Plot where your yard’s trees grow compared to where the sewer line leads. If you notice additional symptoms and you have very large trees, you will likely have tree roots that are intruding into your sewer line.

Trapped Air

A sewer line obstruction might result in bubbles of air forming inside your pipes. These bubbles may cause water to gurgle when it comes from taps or flushes down drains. Since your toilets will have the most direct connections with the sewer line, look for bubbles to appear in them. You will notice disturbances in the surface of the toilet bowl or notice the toilet water level rising higher than the usual water line. These symptoms will usually mean there is an issue in your line and not in the actual toilet itself.

Unusual Noises

Sewer line clogs may lead to uneven drainage. Abnormal draining will cause unusual noises when any water is leaving your home. When you hear excessive glugging or gurgling from a toilet, shower or sink, it can indicate that you have a clogged sewer line.

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