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Back pain affects millions of Americans every year and impacts your life from missing days of work to being unable to participate in social activities or even complete daily tasks. When recommending a course of treatment for severe back pain doctors often suggest surgery to remove the cause. However, before resorting to invasive surgical treatment, speak with your doctor about non-surgical back pain treatments.

Non-surgical Back Pain Treatments

1. Physical Therapy

In addition to pain relief, many people suffering from back pain are recommended they engage in some form of physical therapy to treat the cause of the pain.
Different exercises are appr

opriate for patients depending on the type of back pain they have, so it is important to consult with a physical therapist before engaging in any rehabilitative exercise.

2. Pharmaceutical Pain Relief

NSAIDs and other pharmaceutical pain relievers are usually the first non-surgical treatment for back pain that people try. While effective, these painkillers will only relieve your back pain temporarily and are not recommended for long-term use. They also do not address the source of the pain, and in some cases, prolonged use can cause symptoms to worsen.

3. Injections

For chronic back pain that has not responded to other forms of treatment, some back pain doctors may prescribe a course of injections. These injections may include nerve blockers, corticosteroids, or nerve ablations, which work to directly relieve pain and inflammation and can also help to eliminate specific causes of back pain to develop a more refined course of treatment.

Because the injections are unsuitable for long-term use, they are often used as part of an integrative approach to treatment which includes physical therapy or chiropractic treatments.

4. Chiropractic Treatments

Chiropractic care is one of the most effective methods for treating back pain as chiropractors work holistically to manage the source of the pain while also providing pain relief.

Chiropractic back pain doctors have a variety of techniques to relieve pain depending on the nature and severity of your back pain. Some of the treatments they may use include manual spinal manipulation, the flexion-distraction technique, hot and cold therapy, and electric muscle stimulation.

back pain treatment

5. Dietary Changes

The modern Western diet is high in foods that can cause excess inflammation in the body. This inflammation contributes to back pain among other health problems. Making small changes to your diet has a significant effect on your back pain symptoms by reducing the pressure caused by an overactive inflammatory response.

Consult with your healthcare professional about developing an anti-inflammatory diet plan. In addition to reducing inflammation in your body, a healthy diet also helps you to maintain a healthy weight, subsequently decreasing excess pressure on the spine.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for back pain doctors in West Bloomfield, MI, speak with your healthcare professional about some of these alternative treatments to surgery, and look forward to enjoying a pain-free life.

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