Beastman — Cosmic Nature

The seeming dominance over our world is illusory and ephemeral. We consider ourselves masters of all creation, but as a species, humanity is insignificant on a cosmic scale, our limited perceptions allow us to only see a fraction of reality. ‘Cosmic Nature’ is a refreshing new series of paintings by Sydney based artist Beastman that explores the futuristic and overwhelming idea of nature coming to life in a way we could have never imagined. A new colour palette and further development of his distinctive style, reflects the different elements of our young world, organic lines and the often symmetrical geometric patterns found in nature. Whatever meaning or purpose may or may not be invested in these paintings, the
deities featured in his ambitious new works are a representation of what lies beyond the boundaries of our imagination, when the cosmic forces of nature eventually reveal the irrelevance of humanity in the universe.

The show opens Thursday 8th December 7pm and will run till the 18th at the regular kind of — gallery opening hours.

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