City of Sydney and kind of — gallery are proud to present ‘Constant Elevation’, the latest body of work by Sydney based artist BENNETT.

Projecting themes of positivity, growth and continual personal development, this series of mixed media paintings describe the artists’ alternative perspectives on the daily landscape, with an overwhelming sense of honesty and personality.

Strong geometric values and colour field abstraction, harmoniously paired with nostalgic textures and subtle tactile qualities encourage the audience to engage with the work on an intimate level. The pulsing sense of history and exploration within these abstractions, personifies the artists appreciation for the seemly forgotten or discarded elements of our daily surrounds.

Exhibition opening: Wednesday 25th September, 6-9pm
Continuing till Sunday 6th October, 11-7pm
kind of — gallery
70 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

kind of — at He Made She Made.

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