End Of The Role

The End Of The Role is an exhibition which pays homage to 35mm film and it’s place within history.
The show will include 39 artists representing the 3 extra frames of a 36 exposure roll of film.

Contributing artists—
Andrew Cowen, Anna Fraser, Alan Knowles, Alex Wood, Alexandre Flore, Arini Byng, Anthony Browell, Damian Dillon, Daniel ‘Faz’ Farrell, Dylan Conley, Douglas Lance Gibson, Elizabeth Gadsby, Gary Trinh, Joshua Heath, John Crawford, Jim Shirlaw, Josh Raymond, Julian Reinhold, Kit Baker, Lauren Middleton, Melissa Howe, Michael French, Michael Corridore, Max Doyle, Mikki Gomez, Martha Zakarya, Ollie Black, Pure and Dirty, Pedro Ramos, Rebecca Shanahan, Robin Hearfield, Rene Vaile, Sam Stephenson, Tobias Rowles, Tom Robertson, Tammy Chiew, Vinnie Botton, Will Horner, Wesley Cooper Jones.

Thanks to PhotoKing Professional for supporting us and the gallery sponsors—
Two Italian Boys Wine
Magner Original Irish Cider

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