iPad 2 LCD Screen Repair / Glass Installation Guide In Surrey
iPad 2 LCD Screen

iPad 2 LCD Screen Repair / Glass Installation Guide In Surrey

Have you dropped your iPad 2 accidentally? Or do you have a broken iPad 2 screen or glass? Are you looking for cost-effective and quality Apple iPad repair services in Surrey, BC? Well, you’ve landed at the right place – because Cell Clinic is here to help guide you.

Broken screens are a common problem for iPad owners, and Apple offers repair options to help get your iPad screen/glass replaced in Surrey, BC, but they are not necessarily convenient or cheap. So, what should you do to repair your iPad 2 LCD screen or glass? Let’s take a look at some great options.

Apple iPad Repair At An Official Apple Store

Official Apple Store

Having your broken screen replaced at an official Apple store is a good choice. Apple offers options for both in and out of warranty devices. If you have bought the AppleCare+ plan before dropping and damaging your iPad, then the replacement cost won’t affect you that much. One of the best things of AppleCare+ is that it covers a variety of accidental damages, including screen or glass damage, for a reasonable repair charge of $49. Also, the screen replacement itself is covered by a 1-year repair warranty. So, you will get the second replacement free of charge if the first one fails.

However, if you haven’t bought AppleCare+ before the damage occurs, then going to Official Apple store for iPad 2 LCD screen repair/glass installation in Surrey will cost much more than all other options that Cell Clinic presents in this guide.

DIY Apple iPad 2 Repair

DIY Apple iPad 2 Repair

The Internet is full of iPad LCD screen repair / glass installation guides. You can find many video tutorials on YouTube explaining how to make Apple iPad repairs, and how to replace the broken screen or glass of your iPad 2 device. The video tutorials may make it seem easy, but if you haven’t done any Apple iPad repairs before, you could actually damage your iPad beyond repair.

Apple devices have many delicate components, especially the ribbons that connect the LCD screen to the iPad. You might end up cutting one of these ribbons while trying to pry off the LCD screen.

Cell Clinic doesn’t suggest taking a DIY repair or self installation approach – unless you have a lot  of prior experience doing Apple iPad repairs. DIY could end up costing you more than the Apple store or a third party repair store – so proceed with great caution with the below DIY guide.

DIY Apple iPad 2 Glass Installation Guide

iPad 2 Glass Installation

Step 1: Get The Necessary Tools:

iPad Screen / Digitizer Replacement Kit: You will have to buy an iPad 2 screen / digitizer combo kit from eBay Or Amazon.

Get prying tools: Guitar picks work really well. Also, the kit you will buy from eBay or Amazon usually comes with a set of necessary tools.

iPad 2 double-sided tape: Your glass / digitizer kit that you have purchased from eBay or Amazon should include this tape. Also, please note that it’s not a general two-sided tape. It’s much stronger and thinner than general tape.

Small screwdriver: Again, a screwdriver should be included with the iPad digitizer/screen replacement kit.

Note: If any of these tools are missing then you will need to buy them separately. Cell Clinic suggests not to proceed further without having these tools available and ready.

Step 2: Start Removing The Broken Screen From Your iPad 2 Device

Start by inserting the guitar pick or prying tool at the seam, between your iPad 2 case and glass. Double-sided tape is used to hold together the iPad 2, so you will need to proceed slowly and unstick the iPad glass very gradually. Be especially careful while proceeding around the Volume Rocker and Home Button area. There is a small cable near the Volume rocker, and you must NOT break the cable while unsticking the iPad screen, if you do so then the power button of your iPad device

will stop working. Also, please note that the home button is not included with the new bezel. Overall, your primary objective in this step is to remove the broken glass only.

Step 3: Disconnect The Digitizer Cable

In this step, you will need to open your iPad 2 screen, just like you open a book. You will find that the digitizer cable is still connecting the two halves. So, you will need to carefully remove the four screws holding the iPad 2 screen, using the screwdriver, to disconnect the digitizer. Now start lifting the screen slowly without pulling the cable attached to the screen and disconnect the existing digitizer.

Step 4: Remove The Remaining Glass Fragments and Home Button Of The iPad 2

Check if any glass fragments remain stuck. Also, don’t  leave any fingerprints on the screen.

Now remove the home button and the remaining screws. Also, remove as much of the assembly as you can to make things easier. The rest is glued down, and you will need to pry that off. Also, be careful so that you don’t break any part of the assembly in this step, or you will have to buy another one.

Step 5: Install New iPad 2 Glass

If there is any protective sticker or paper on your new iPad glass, then remove that now. Also, place the home button on the new digitizer and glue that with double sided iPad tape.

Reconnect the new digitizer and screw the screen back with the four small screws that you removed in the above steps. Now using the double-sided tape that came with the kit and place that on the case side of your iPad device without removing the paper on its screen facing side.

That’s it. Now place the screen appropriately in its place and check that everything is working fine, you can now remove the paper on the screen facing side and place the glass on your iPad case. That’s it; the job is done.

It’s quite a complex and sensitive process. Most iPad 2 users will not feel comfortable with the DIY glass installation approach due to the potential risk of damaging the device, complexity and lack of smartphone repair skills. So, below is the third great option that can help you to get the broken LCD screen and glass of your iPad 2 repaired and installed at a great price, with a quality repair service assurance.

Apple iPad Repair And iPad 2 Glass Repair/Screen Installation At Cell Clinic Surrey And Vancouver Store


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There are many third party repair stores in Surrey, but there are only a few that offer high quality and guarenteed iPad 2 LCD screen repair / glass installation service. It’s essential that you choose the right repair store to get the Apple iPad repair job done or it could become a bigger problem as cheap repair shops can damage other components when performing iPad 2 screen repair / glass installations.

Cell Clinic offers quality repairs at an affordable price, using only original parts, and all repairs come with a full 1 year warranty. Cell Clinic has certified and professional technicians to make Apple iPad repairs at both locations in Vancouver and Surrey.

We hope that this post helps to successfully guide you through getting your iPad 2 LCD screen / glass repair or installed. For more informative articles like this, follow Cell Clinic on social media.