Trenchless Technology

Trenchless TechnologyThere is no denying the fact that trenchless pipe repair technologies are the best solution to various plumbing problems. With trenchless technology, there is no need to damage buildings or dig up the landscape. Trenchless sewer technologies are also efficient and cost effective. When the pipes in your Houston home or business premises develop problems, you need to choose the right kind of technology. This is not the time for guess work and therefore a little bit of knowledge about the two main trenchless pipe repair technologies: pipe bursting and pipe lining is helpful.

Below you will learn how each technology works.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting uses special equipment to burst through the existing pipes, expand the surrounding soil then draw replacement pipes into place. The process can handle piping of any diameter.

The large size of pipe bursting equipment requires digging a small pit for insertion. This may therefore mean that the operation is not totally trenchless. The resulting percussion forces from the bursting pipe cause ground movement and this can affect the nearby structures. Because of this, pipe bursting poses more risks in rocky and sandy soils. The plumbers you work with must therefore study the site thoroughly to ascertain if this is the most appropriate solution. The plumbing contractors must also adhere to a very high degree of mechanical precision when using this trenchless pipe repair technology.

Pipe lining

Pipe lining is also called cured-in-place piping (CIPP). It is a technique that involves fabrication of the materials on the site followed by running of resin-coated lines through the damaged water or sewer pipes. The liners cure the pipes in place creating a strong bond to the material of the existing pipe. The success of pipe lining does not depend on the surrounding soil conditions and does not cause dangerous ground movements.

This trenchless repair technology works with any form of lining including PVC, cast iron drains and clay pipes. It takes about two days to complete a repair project using this technology.

Choosing the right technology

To choose between these two trenchless pipe repair technologies requires an assessment of the problem. During the assessment, the plumber will ascertain the depth of the pipe, the extent of the damage as well as the location of the pipe on your property. The current condition of the pipe can be assessed by camera inspection by an experienced pipe specialist.

Choosing a Contractor

Now that you have an idea how to repair pipes in your home or business premises in Houston, it is important to conclude our discussion with what you should consider when hiring a plumbing contractor. This is because; the right contractor will ensure the job is done perfectly. The most important factors to consider include expertise, experience and professionalism. Working with an expert plumber who specialize hp network printer in trenchless pipe repair technologies is very important.

Bottom Line

Trenchless pipe repair technology has many advantages compared to the traditional pipe repair techniques that were destructive and costly to say the least. Choosing the right trenchless repair technology and the right plumber in Houston, Tx is the only guarantee to quality work.

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