Orthopedic Care

If you’re into DIY home improvement, maybe you’ve just fallen off a ladder. Maybe you just slid awkwardly in the company softball game…or maybe your daughter just fell off her skateboard or bike. So do you go to a New Orleans orthopedic urgent care clinic or to the hospital emergency room?

Worried about what the hours of waiting in the Emergency Room will cost you? Whatever you or a loved one was doing when your orthopedic injury occurred, you need to seek help immediately – don’t waste your time sitting in the ER all day. And don’t try to do any more work – or play another minute of the game – without seeking treatment.

A New Orleans orthopedic urgent care clinic will have you in and out quickly, with expert care.

Orthopedic Care

So who should seek out orthopedic urgent care?

Orthopedic urgent care obviously isn’t for every type of medical emergency. If you have chest pains or severe headache – which may indicate a stroke, for instance – the Emergency Room is definitely the right place to go. However in cases of suspected bone, joint, ligament, or tendon injuries, an orthopedic urgent care clinic is definitely a great option for fast, expert diagnosis and treatment.

What are the benefits of going to a New Orleans orthopedic urgent care clinic?

Orthopedic urgent care clinics provide only orthopedic care, which includes bones, ligaments, tendons and some soft tissue. Typically, when you visit the orthopedic urgent care clinic, you will have little to no wait time before being seen in comparison to a trip to your local ER.

Instead of bouncing from doctor to doctor, going directly to a clinic that specializes in orthopedic injuries means getting direct access to the experts that you would otherwise be referred to after your emergency room visit.

What can I expect from a visit to the orthopedic urgent care clinic?

When you visit the New Orleans orthopedic urgent care clinic, you will be examined by an orthopedic specialist who will perform a physical examination of the injured area, and likely order x-rays to be performed on site. Once you have been diagnosed, the urgent care provider will initiate a treatment plan and arrange a follow up appointment if required.

The great part about coming in to an orthopedic urgent care clinic is that you don’t have to worry about transferring records, or finding another doctor after your urgent care visit. All of your needs can be handled at the office, meaning that not only are your records readily available, but your urgent care provider can consult directly with other orthopedic specialists.

If you are ever in need of an orthopedic urgent care center in or near New Orleans, please don’t hesitate to call. Our specialists are expertly trained in handling emergency situations.