Alan Streets, aka Alan Russell-Cowan, was born to middle class parents in the leafy suburbs on the outskirts of London. Dropping out of the prestigious St Martins School of Art at the age of 19, he then left for New York where he became a Plein Air artist, living and working in Manhattan.

Whilst there he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, continuing to create whilst being treated.

After being approached by film makers, Alan became the subject of an award winning documentary “My Name Is Alan and I Paint Pictures”.

The new body of work is a result of him moving back to London after spending 10 years in the US. The imaginary work has a real English theme and simply shows what is going through his mind. Alan recently quit alcohol and replaced these addictive tendencies with creativity. He paints religiously every day of the week, which is a way of dealing with his schizophrenia.

This exhibition opening night will coincide with TWT St Leonards – The TWT Creative Precinct opening party.

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