Tactical Pen Knife

Tactical Pen Knife

With today’s innovations and technology, there are many multi-faceted tools that survivalists can choose. One of the more interesting ones, however, is the tactical pen knife. This is an object designed to look like a metal pen while hiding a sharp blade inside. Although it is made to penetrate and injure, the purpose of this utensil is not to be lethal necessarily, making it an excellent alternative to a firearm. This type of knife can look as innocent as a writing utensil, but in the right hands can be the perfect tool for self-defense.

Tactical Pen Uses

Tactical Pens have two primary uses, self-defense, and writing; however, they can be used for many other things as well. One other use of the tactical pen is for glass breaking. Slamming the metal tip into the corner of a pane of glass with the pointed end of a tactical pen is the perfect shape to break it easily. Another unexpected use of the tactical pen is that it can be used for DNA collection. Because of the shape of the tip of blade on the pen, DNA from an attacker can be caught in the pen and later analyzed by a lab. This allows for a way for justice to be served even if an attacker gets away. 

Why Carry a Tactical Pen?

One of the biggest reasons a tactical pen can be the choice self-defense weapon to carry is because it can be hidden in plain sight. There are many instances today where their attacker disarms people, making a weapon like a firearm, in some instances, less dangerous than helpful. A tactical pen, however, is perfect because no one would even suspect the pen in your pocket could be a self-defense weapon. Also, this type of weapon is usually overlooked in a pat down. This is what makes its incognito appearance so appealing for those who want to carry discreet protection.

Things to Keep in Mind

Although a tactical pen is a versatile and discreet self-defense weapon, there are things a user should keep in mind. First, although it is not illegal, it is still a weapon, and one needs to use caution with it. It is easy for someone to get hurt if the weapon is not treated as something dangerous. Also, some places may not allow this type of weapon so the owner should use caution and be knowledgeable about the establishments they are visiting while out in public. In addition, the pen should not be considered one’s primary weapon.

Where to Buy Tactical Pens

Tactical pen for sale can be found in many online stores or vendors. They can also be bought online used from other individuals. Pen knives can usually be found at any store that sells hunting or self-defense equipment.