The show will run from the 5th January till the 22th at the regular kind of — gallery opening hours.

‘My mates that skate’ is a show about people and the exuberant culture
of skateboarding.
The show consists of portraits of my mates-people who share my
passion and creative interest in skateboarding. Through the portraits
I aim to communicate the general themes and attitudes of skateboarding
and how these link my friends and I as individuals.

All of the people in these portraits were at one stage in their lives
(or still are) members of skate crews from the small rural town of
Leeton, NSW. As years went by, many things changed. Groups and
individuals went their separate ways. For some, careers began, and
real life became unavoidable. With all of these things happening, one
thing remained constant, skateboarding and being a skateboarder
(whenever possible) was essential. People in these images, for the
most part, are good people. Good people with bad habits. Drinking too
much, getting into fights, and having fun by being stupid became
something that went hand in hand with skateboarding. It became a
collective identity that each individual could proudly contribute to.

In these artworks I aimed to create a mood that truly reflects my
perception of skateboarding and us.